Single & Double Rabbit Hutches

Many of us grew up and had a homemade rabbit hutch in our backyard and some adorable rabbits. Whether you're raising rabbits as pets or for an additional food source, it's very important to have a secure and functional rabbit hutch.


Our rabbit hutches come completely assembled and ready to use. They are elevated off the ground for easy access and are securely latched and screened in to protect the rabbits from predators.


They are available with a stained board and bat siding which is stained or with DuraTemp siding which is painted. Asphalt shingles come standard.

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  • Rear Box Door

  • Insulated Ceiling

  • Vinyl Coated Wire


  • Door on Run Area

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Paint on DuraTemp siding; Stain on Board & Bat siding

Rabbit Hutches Sizes & Prices


DuraTemp Siding (Painted)

Board & Bat Siding (Stained)

2' x 4' Single Hutch

$255.00 + Shipping 2' x 4' Single Hutch $345.00 + Shipping

4' x 4' Double Hutch

$410.00 + Shipping 4' x 4' Double Hutch $425.00 + Shipping

View Color Options for Siding & Roof by Selecting from the following:

Paint Colors Stain Colors Shingle Colors  

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  • Eastern Shipping Zone: This includes all states East of the Mississippi River

  • Western Shipping Zone: This includes all states West of the Mississippi River

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Custom Placement of Coop:  Standard delivery is curb side. Add this Custom Placement for $200 to have your coop put where you need it. $200