4' x 8' Quaker Chicken Coop
Fully Assembled - Ready to Use!
The 4' x 8' Quaker chicken coops are handcrafted and come to you 8assembled and ready to use. They are painted (you choose the color), complete with siding (your choice of type of siding) and include shingles attached (your choice of shingle color). There is an optional electrical package as well as a wheel assembly package which allows you to easily move the coop. It is 92" high and is 16" off the ground. It has eight (5) nesting boxes.
Access to the nesting boxes from the outside allows for convenient collection of eggs or to replace bedding. An optional GlassBoard floor slides out for easy cleaning.


Price: $1467 $1239 + shipping

Coop Features & Specs:

  • Dimensions: 96" L x 62" W x 82" H
  • Keyed Entry Door
  • Chicken Door & Chicken Ramp
  • Nesting Boxes
  • Roosting Bar
  • Vent Lid or Vent Slider Windows with Screens
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Aluminum Drip Edge
  • Plywood Flooring - Legs & Runners
  • LP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing
  • 15 to 18 Chickens
  • Height: 92"
  • Inches off Ground: 16"
  • Back Wall Height: 44"
  • Optional wheels & run must be assembled onsite.
Front Wall Height
Inside Height to Peak 66"
Floor Size without Nesting Box 48" x 96"
Floor Size with Nesting Boxes 60" x 96"
Overall Width & Height 69" x 102"
Large Door Size 18.5" x 49"
Chicken Door Size 12" x 10"
Roosting Bar Length 96"
# Roosting Bars 2
# Nesting Boxes 8
Window Size 18.5" x 23"
# Windows 2
Weight 800 lbs.


Color Options
Asphalt Shingles in 5 different colors  View Asphalt Shingle Color Options
Siding panels and trim in 15 colors  View Siding Panels & Trim Color Options
Stain in 5 colors.  View Stain Color Options
Optional Accessories   
Metal Roof: $112 $91
Available in 3 colors
Chicken Run: $488 $431
An enclosed outdoor run. 4' W x 7' L x 3' H
4 Wheels with Handle: $447 $357
Easily move your coop from place to place
Electrical Package: $295 $240
Switch, Outlets, Lights, Extension Cord Hookup
Auto Chicken Door: $298 $253
Requires Electrical Package
Solar Powered Auto Door: $528 $399
Includes battery, solar panel and timer
Heated Roost: $155 $123
Keep their feet warm in the winter!
3 Gallon Drinker: $41 $33
A large waterer for a larger # of chickens
1 Gallon Drinker: $8 $7
A small drinker for a few chickens
11 lb. Feeder: $41 $33
Designed for larger groups of chickens
3 lb. Feeder: $24 $20
Designed for a few chickens
Wire Over Windows (2): $70 $52
Protect your chickens from predators
GlassBoard Floor: $155 $130
For easy cleaning  
Litter Tray: $225 $208
Slide Out Littler Tray  
Clean Out Lid: $122 $97
Outside access to Floor Area

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are calculated by what part of the US you are located. The shipping company has two (2) shipping zones.

  • Eastern Shipping Zone: This includes all states East of the Mississippi River
  • Western Shipping Zone: This includes all states West of the Mississippi River

Instructions: In the drop down box, please select which Shipping Zone your Coop will be delivered to. If you do not select a shipping zone, your coop order will not be processed until you select the proper shipping zone.


Note: If you need assistance with ordering online, please call us at 1-800-987-4337 and we will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have before you order.

Chicken Coop Price: 4' x 8' Quaker: $1467 $1239 + shipping
To Order Coop: Select Colors & Shipping From Drop Down Boxes & Then Click Add to Cart
If you order a solid color for the panels and trim, you are ordering a painted DuraTemp siding material. If you order stain for the panels and trim it will be a board and bat material. Questions? Please call before you order.
You must select a shipping zone (Eastern or Western). Your order will NOT be processed without a shipping zone selected.
Metal Roof Option: $112 $91 
The following options and accessories include free shipping when ordered with the coop. If ordered without the coop shipping charges may apply. Please call us prior to ordering.
Custom Placement of Coop:  Standard delivery is curb side. Add this Custom Placement for $200 to have your coop put where you need it. $200  
4' x 7' x 3' Chicken Run:   $488 $431 
4 Wheels with Handle: $447 $357 
Electrical Package:   $295 $240 
Automatic Chicken Door:   $298 $253 
Solar Powered Auto Chicken Door $528 $399 
Heated Roost:    $155 $123 
3 Gallon Water Drinker:   $41 $33 
1 Gallon Water Drinker:   $8 $7 
11 lb. Chicken Feeder:   $41 $33 
3 lb. Chicken Feeder:   $24 $20 
Wire Over Window (2):   $70 $52 
4' x 8' Glassboard Floor  $155 $130
Litter Tray  $225 $208
Clean Out Lid $122 $97