ClimateRight AC Heater & AC Units


CR-5000-ACH Heater & AC

Portable heating and air conditioning unit. ClimateRight's CR5000-ACH, 5,000 BTU, 115-Volt A/C and Heater unit is the perfect solution to heat and cool your shed, small RV, greenhouse or ATM kiosk. It quickly cools on hot days with quiet efficiency and takes the chill out on cold days. As the ClimateRight cools and heats it filters and dehumidifies the air giving you relaxing comfort.

The ClimateRight CR5000-ACH's electronic thermostat includes Heat, Cool, Fan, Dehumidifying, Auto and Sleep Modes. The unit also features an Auto-On and Auto-Off timer, 3 fan speeds and comes with a infrared remote control.

The standard quick connect air hose system is included and makes installation a breeze. All control functions are performed from the remote control. 1 year limited warranty.


ClimateRight CR-5000-ACH

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